About Us

Studying the past is a huge thing for us. You can consider us a history buff, and that’s true. We like to unearth the mystery of the past so we can have an idea how they lived their lives before. In this way, we can understand the choices that lead them to be where they are now.

What We do: 

Basically, we do two things. First, we provide an avenue for researchers to publish their researches in order to reach a broader audience. We believe that it is important because it helps them build a foundation on what they are doing. By having solid readers and good amount of targeted traffic, they know that they can continue what they do.

The next is we connect researchers to possible donors. We want them to be able to continue doing what they love the most by helping them get funding from different investors. Aside from creating links to them, we are also handling events so they can meet possible funders.

Why We Do It:

It’s simple. We love the community. We love our researchers so much that we care about the results of their adventures. Although we can’t help them in other aspects, we can still try through the things we know best. By finding them enough readers and massive targeted traffic for their studies.

Also, we believe in what they are doing. We know that it is very important for us also to have an understanding of the past. So the results of their researches will definitely benefit us all. So by continuing to do what we do, we are able to help them out in their studies and excavation trips.