• Is Archaeology for me?

Honestly, it depends. Do you love reading? Do you love to find out the origin of something? Are you okay with getting your hands literally dirty? Are you prepared to live in locations with no modern equipment and tools? IF you answered yes to those questions, then maybe, it is for you.

  • Are the Excavation Trips dangerous?

Well, yes. That’s why, before going to trips, our archaeologists undergo enough trainings like basic survival skills, and self-defense, in order for them to be prepared in whatever they might face once they are already in the site. But so far, we still have no casualties since we started.

  • Can I join your Trip?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow civilians to join our trips. I know it could be fun, but there are a lot at risks if we let you join. Also, an excavation trip can take from several months to up to a few years. So only those who are part of the team are allowed to join us. 

  • What should I study to be an Archaeologist?

If you are planning to be an archaeologist, then you should prepare your life to read so much. You will have to read a lot of things about history, economics, and sociology for you to have a better holistic view of a culture. So you can take a look at it as it is and not through the lens of your own biases.

  • Is it exciting to be an Archaeologist?

We can safely say that yes, life of an archaeologist can be fun and exciting. You’ll never know what you’re going to face tomorrow and you are always looking forward to new adventures. You will get to meet a lot of indigenous people and you will learn about ways on how to live your life without technology.

  • Why should I take up Archaeology?

Simply because you care about the past heritage of the world. You know that it is our job to preserve their stories so children of tomorrow can still appreciate the lives they lived. Also, you love adventure. Being an archaeologist can be quite fun especially if you love being in the field.