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International terminology of clay pipes research

Ralf Kluttig-Altmann/Martin Kügler

As publishers of KnasterKOPF we want to contribute to reduce uncertainties in the case of the translation of foreign texts about clay pipes research and to publish appropriate lists of technical terms in different languages. A series is meant, which takes care of first the languages from the countries with a traditionally strong research and therefore large number of publications.

When translating special terms difficulties fast appear. These terms can be either common words, which in the clay pipe domain have a special meaning unknown to usual dictionaries. Or special word creations and/or modifications, which one looks for in vain in most dictionaries. Under these conditions misunderstandings can easily snake in and unnoticed survive.

The use of foreign literature is hardly to be gone around with the European strongly interlaced research. For this reason we find it very important to arrange lists of such technical terms. We are dependent therefore on the cooperation of our readers and colleagues of the all world. They are called to contribute with their references and suggestions to the organization and improvement of this project. Those lists will always be worked on and controlled by clay pipe researchers with the respective native language and/or from the respective country.

The list is continuously updated on Internet and at the same time published in KnasterKOPF. Seized are numerous words from the entire field of the clay pipe research, not however the names for particular brandmarks or settings. It is a special task to find here an internationally uniform speech, which can be solved only in close co-operation with our colleagues, particularly in the Netherlands. Likewise the etymological investigation of special technical terms, that could tell so much about the migration of the technology, the tools and the people who used them, is quite another task.

The publishers thank very cordially in particular Henry Toms/Celle (D) and John Rogers/Malvern (GB) for their friendly assistance.




last update: 08/05/01
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