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Tips for the submission of manuscripts

Dear authors,

we want to give you hereafter some indications for the development of your contribution to KnasterKOPF. These recommendations are aiming to simplify as much as possible the drawing up of your manuscripts and our later editorial work.
If you have other questions please ask us directly.
We gladly wait for your manuscripts!

Your editors

- drawing up in WORD, sending as *.doc or *.rtf - file.
- no formatting (thick, italics, variable fonts etc.)
- no hyphenation
- Footnotes (not at the end); consecutive numbering (automatic)
- Summary at the end of the text, 5-20 lines according to the length of the article
- Captions at the end of the text.
- Bibliographical references: please take in account full bibliographical references and the current issue of KnasterKOPF
- Texts in foreign languages: Every communication will be edited in German. But manuscripts in English, French and Dutch can be submitted; submissions in other languages must be discussed beforehand with the editorial staff.

We edit only good quality illustrations and make our own selection.
- Drawings: please take into account the Guidelines for the drawings as published in KnasterKOPF volume 15/2002, p.85-89.
- Photos/Slides: we can only print in black and white; your pictures must therefore be sharp and full of contrast.
- Files of pictures: please take only data-flies like *.jpg, *.pdf, *.bmp, or *.tif. All pictures have to be scanned by 300 dpi.

Help for working:
For the correct interpretation and classification of clay pipes please refer to our detailed notice about "Cataloguing clay pipes".

Only e-texts will be accepted - via e-mail or on electronic data carrier. Please add a hard copy anyway. Illustrations will be digital (photos or slides) or sharp copies of the originals. Please join to your sending a duplicate copy mentioning the numbering of the illustrations.

Copy deadline: always on the 31st of October of the current year.

Royalties and imprimatur :
- Unsolicited manuscripts are not guaranteed.
- Proefreading: the authors receive a proof. Sending the proof back means authorisation to print.
- Rights of the third party: observance of the rights on illustrations, submission of a specimen copy etc. belong to the authors.

Specimen copy:
Communications in KnasterKOPF are made without royalties. The authors receive for:
· articles up to 5 pages: 5 offprints
· articles from 6 to 10 pages: 1 volume and 5 offprints
· articles from 11 tot 20 pages: 1 volume and 10 offprints
· articles longer than 20 pages: 2 volumes and 10 offprints
Authors may obtain supplementary copies of the magazine for the advantageous subscription price. Offprints are delivered for a low fee.


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