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KnasterKOPF - Fachzeitschrift für Tonpfeifen und historischen Tabakgenuss (KnasterKOPF - A specialist periodical dealing with the history of clay pipes and tobacco) offers a broad and unique service.

Each volume contains:

The newest archeological , historical and archival researchs,
Lectures of the last session of the German Society for Clay-Pipe Research (Arbeitskreis Tonpfeifen),
Report of new discoveries,
Current international reports of every organisation dealing with claypipes,
Hints about literature and reviews,
Hints about exhibitions,
Questions from our readers,

and above all the possibility to have your own researches published .

All the redactional and editorial duties that make our magazine so attractive by its content and last but not least ist puctuality are honorary carried on without institutional or financial support.
The authors also work and write free of charge for our publication.
In spite of the increasing number of subscribers, the funding of KnasterKOPF remains risky from volume to volume and has time and time again to be solved. Thereby we endeavour to keep a reasonable ratio between price and extent.

Our largely quadrilingual website gives free of charge informations about the content of every volume.
Elaborate and sometimes illustrated summaries of the contributions go far beyond usual. The existence of our magazine relies on the subscribers and the buyers of single volumes. If you are interested in the topic of clay-pipes and in new archaeology, you have the opportunity to subscribe to KnasterKOPF beginning with vol. 19 by the editor.

You can order single volumes of Knasterkopf till vol. 18/2005 by the following adress:

Martin Kuegler
Bergstraße 3
D- 02826 Goerlitz
Fon 0049 / (0) 3581-40 12 13
e-mail: .



The quantity of the last issues in the store is very different, many of them are sold out since a long time, from some of them there is only a little rest. So I recommend You to order very soon.

Please tell other people who could be interested in clay-pipe research this special offer. It is the last chance to get the issues till vol. 18/2005!

The issues You ordered shall be send to You during 10 days. The sending includes the account with all details for payment. You have to pay post and package.

no. 10/1997, 80 p., regular price 12,80 €, special offer: 1,00 €
Index for no. 1/1989 to 10/1997, 76 p., regular price 15,80 €, special offer: 1,00 €
no. 13/2000, 104 p., regular price 12,80 €, special offer: 1,00 €
no. 14/2001, 70 p., regular price 12,80 €, special offer: 2,00 €
no. 15/2002, 120 p., regular price 22,50 €, special offer: 3,00 €
no. 16/2003, 208 p., regular price 26,00 €, special offer: 5,00 €
no. 17/2004, 144 p., regular price 24,00 €, special offer: 4,00 €
no. 18/2005, 192 p., regular price 28,00 €, special offer: 14,00 €
no. 19/2008, 26 €

For further information please visit our bookstore.


If you want to financially support KnasterKOPF, irrespectively of any concrete order, please contact us for further information.

With your subscription or your voluntary financial contribution, you guarantee the forthgoing publication of our magazine and help promoting the research about claypipes, which has no institutional attachment in Germany.

We thank you for your support!



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