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Contents of no. 4/1991

Cover picture: Detail from the front cover of a pipe catalogue issued by the firm of Julius Wingender & Co. in Höhr, undated (around 1900).




No. 4/1991, p. 1-4
Walter Morgenroth: Casselmann's clay-pipe factory in Grossalmerode

The Casselmann family of clay-pipe makers can be demonstrated to have worked in the pottery town of Grossalmerode in N. Hesse since the 17th century. Christoph Wilhelm Jacob Gatterer's book, on which this article is based, describes Casselmann's factory at the end of the 18th century and provides details of the different stages of production, quoting wages and prices for individual products.











No. 4/1991, p. 4-12
Bernd Thier: The clay pipes found in the moat of Lüdinghausen castle

The 56 clay-pipe fragments found in 1986 in the moat of Lüdinghausen castle date predominantly from the 17th century. The marks suggest that they were mostly made in Gouda. There is no definite evidence that any of German manufacture are present.



Pipe with heel, double-cone bowl with ornament in relief, ?Dutch, beginning of 17th century


Pipe with diamond-shaped fleur-de-lis heel mark, Holland, first half to mid 17th century



No. 4/1991, p. 12-18
Edward Zimmermann/Martin Kügler: Save the Zborowskie clay-pipe factory, the last left in Poland!

In 1752 a clay-pipe factory was founded in the village of Zborowskie (Soborowsky, from 1874 to 1945 called Ostenwalde), north of Lublinitz in Upper Silesia. The fact that clay-pipe makers were hired from the Netherlands brought the factory considerable prosperity and it employed over 100 workers in 1783. It was the largest clay-pipe factory in Silesia up to 1816, since it was protected from competition by privileges. It closed down around 1860-70 after a slow decline. The buildings (workshops and workers' houses) are acutely threatened as they are falling into decay.


The pipe factory building in Sborowsky in its present state

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